“Siri, what’s playing?” iOS may rollout with built-in Shazam


  No, it’s not magic but it does sound and feel like it. Shazam, for readers unbeknownst to what they’re getting into, is an app aimed to help those frequently struck with the last song syndrome. Yes, it recognizes music and plays it as well.   According to reports, Apple plans to bake Shazam’s music-recognition […]

Think you’re handy with a shotgun? Watch this clip.


  Trick shots are awesome, there’s no doubt about that. Splitting a card with a .22, cutting piece of string with a handgun, or shooting an aspirin in mid-air gets you your fair share of bragging rights, but this trick is something special. DemolitionRanch just made a video that is one heck of a trick […]

Customized Kindle Stores makes its way to Samsung Galaxy Devices


If you are a bookworm of the 21st century, you probably have made acquaintances with the Kindle. What’s more, if you are currently holding a Galaxy device, consider this day made. Recently, Samsung has just struck up a deal with Amazon. This new partnership, according to Techradar, will see the arrival of a Kindle store […]

Are you still using your boring Android lock screen? Try cover instead.


Android lock screens are a thing few people really care about. Sure, you can have a widget here and there, or a shortcut you an important app, but the screen, which is basically the first thing you see when you wake the phone up to do anything, is a prime piece of real-estate you’d be […]

Facebook’s Nearby Friends Feature: Helpful but Creepy


Facebook’s introducing a new feature, and it makes us want to reach for the panic button. The Friends Nearby feature may just be the brow-raising ingredient to stir up another controversy in the interwebs. What’s so icky about it then? This new Facebook feature, which is said to roll out soon on iOS and Android, […]

Nike gives up the Fuel Band, lets other companies do the heavy lifting.


  In a move that is contrary to the rest of the tech world, Nike has abandoned their expedition into the largely uncharted territory of wearable tech. Reports from around the internet are saying that the Fuel Band, one of the first wearable tech devices that gained widespread popularity, has just been canned, with the […]

“Wash your hands!” alerts the Safeguard Germ Alarm


Did you know? It takes at least 20 seconds of washing with soap and water to kill germs accumulated from contact with public toilet facilities, says the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. With information and studies on hand, Safeguard introduced the Safeguard Germ Alarm. It is an attention-grabbing alarm and soap dispenser in one […]

Volvo Torslanda Plant on its 50th Year


  It was back in 1984 when Volvo Cars marked the biggest industrial investment in Sweden’s automotive industry the moment they opened their doors at the Torslanda plant. What made this plant a total game changer is it has the capacity of producing 200,00 cars a year, along with developing new models with the most innovative technology. Fifty years later, […]

Modular smartphone Project Ara might hit the shelves as soon as 2015


Project Ara, the revolutionary smartphone concept that first gained widespread attention in the form of a little video for an imagined modular smartphone, might just be sitting in your pocket about this time next year. The concept, which revolves around a single modular endoskeleton and user-swappable parts that upgrade the abilities of the unit, has […]

New and Exciting Features on the Upcoming PlayStation 4 System Update 1.70


The upcoming PlayStation 4 system update 1.70 has got to be one of the most anticipated ones, since Sony had released a statement saying that the new update will now allow PlayStation 4 owners to pre-load games ahead of release. Pre-loading games enables the players to download digital game copies that they have pre-ordered prior […]

PH’s first silent concert brings Ely Buendia and Bamboo Mañalac together on one stage


To those who don’t appreciate it, the crunch of guitars, the pounding of drums and belted vocals is noise. Those who understand music, however, hear them for what they really are: art. Sony has been pushing a deeper appreciation of music through its “Music Deserves Respect” campaign. Music is a work of art that is […]

Samsung introduces air conditioner line up for summer


While the summer slowly kicks in, it’s about time to find a worthy solution to beat the summer heat. Samsung has come up with a line of air conditioners to keep the whole family cool and comfortable, without upping the electric bill. Pioneering Triangle Design technology, the Samsung split air conditioners provide household comfortable, cool […]