Fashion and lifestyle bloggers flock Bloggers United 3


Bloggers and fashion enthusiasts were rounded up at the Greenview Events Place yesterday for the third edition of Bloggers United.

Bloggers United is primarily a fashion bazaar, but it’s also a convention for all fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Recognized style bloggers such as Lissa Kahayon, Laureen Uy, Camille Co and Kryz Uy were present during the event, sporting their trendy ensembles.

Sponsors of the event conducted games and raffle draws, giving away merchandise to lucky attendees. Globe Tattoo (its primary event partner), Raffles Design Institute, Clear, Colgate, Pinkbox, Maybelline, ETC and Canon were just some of the sponsors that gave away free items during the program.

Of course, since we at Gadgets believe that there is technology in everything—even in fashion and lifestyle—we were also there to support the event. Bloggers who approached our booth and signed up for our upcoming Good Blog Awards were able to get some of our back issues for free.