JB Music sponsors Ableton Live Workshop


Today at the JB Music Solutions showroom, a small workshop was conducted teaching the basic functions of Ableton Live, the versatile music production software that’s heavily influenced the scene of live digital music.

Spearheaded primarily by Madz (aka Neon8/ Abdel Aziz), who is better known for his role in Nyko Maca + Playground, the workshop was surprisingly targeted at event organizers (as opposed to musicians and DJs), and how they can use Ableton Live as a powerful and intuitive tool to provide both sound and music. Although this does make sense because Live can handle things on-the-fly so well that it would fit in perfectly with unpredictable events such as corporate shindigs and fashion shows.

And of course, since the workshop was hosted by JB Music, they rolled out some of their toys to be used in the session, such as the Akai APC40 and the Akai LPD8 shown above. Additionally, I finally got a chance to see the Mbox Pro (pictured below), which looked pretty impressive and made me want to whip out my wallet right there.

And just in case you missed our post last week, JB Music, is currently having its famous Christmas sale. If you want to know which products have become bargains, visit one of their showrooms, such as the new JB Music Audio Solutinos located in Cubao.


*This article will appear in greater detail in Gadgets Magazine February 2012 print issue.