Live-X brings serious sound to the stage


Electro-Voice officially launched its Live-X loudspeakers in the Philippines, which promises to bring “serious sound” and “serious gear” to the stage. We got a chance to hear these bad boys in action last night, and they definitely pack a punch.

The Live X series has 3 powered two-way loudspeakers, consisting of 12-inch (ELX112P) and 15-inch (ELX125P) models. Both are equipped with brain-rattling 1000W class D amps and come encased in rugged wood cabinets. They can be stacked on top of each other, or they can be linked with a pole mount to its 18-inch ELX180P subwoofer sibling, which exerts a 700W amplifier and a rumbling frequency response of 32Hz-130Hz.

Aside from their powered speakers, Live X also has a passive line, consisting of 4 models that are also constructed with solid wood cabinets that remain cool even without fans. Just like its powered cousins, they can be paired and stacked with its acoustically matched 18-inch passive sub, which showcases 400W (continuous) and 1600W (peak power) handling.

The passive lineup consists of similar 12-inch (ELX112) and 15-inch (ELX115) two-way loudspeakers like its powered siblings, with the same frequency response of 50Hz-20kHz, and 44Hz-20kHz respectively.

The most interesting member of the passive line (pictured below) is the impressive ELX215, which features dual 15-inch woofers and a 1.5-inch high-frequency titanium compression driver. It delivers more punch in low end, with a frequency range of 38Hz-20kHz, and showcases 600W continuous and 2400W peak power handling.

Ater several demos of the Live-X with recorded songs, we were pretty amazed not just at its raw power, but with its clarity. To cap off the night, local band True Faith performed on stage, giving us the chance to witness first-hand the punch and power of the Live-X in a live application.

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