Meet the new Ford Ranger (part 2)


So we’ve already given you a quick rundown of the all-new Ford Ranger, but here’s  few more details that you may want to know.

We’ll start off by just mentioning that Ford’s new pickup has a water-wading capability of up to 800mm on its 4×4 and 4×2 Hi-Rider models, and that’s without a snorkel. But what really gets us is the impressive Hill Descent Control and Hill Launch Assist the new Ranger is equipped with, which practically allows the truck  the drive itself on sloping inclines. We saw a video demo of it going up and down steep and mountainous terrain, without the driver even stepping on the accelerator or the brakes.

If you’re wondering about the Rager’s power, the new Durtorq TDCi VG Turbo 2.2L and 3.2L engines, have a rather impressive torque of 375Nm and 470Nm respectively. Their also touted to be highly fuel-efficient in its class, with the 2.2L measured at 7.6L/100km on a 4×2 model, with impressive and responsive pulling power. The Duratec 2.5L iVCT on the other hand has a 122kW (166PS) power rating, and its torq increases to 226Nm.

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The new Ford Ranger will be available in the Philippines in Q1 of 2012.

*photos courtesy of Ford