Monster gear hits the PH


Monster, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality cables and other A/V hardware, just launched a new line of premium audio accessories in the Philippines, at an event at Opus yesterday, the 11th of October. Jumping off of the success of the Beats headphones that have proven to be some of the most popular music peripherals in the market, Monster brings together superb quality in-ear and over-ear headphones to cater to the most fashion-forward, technically-demanding music listener.


With over 30 years in the business, Monster knows exactly how to get the purest sound from your device, into your ears, and makes sure you get to do it in style. At the very top of the line was the manufacturer’s first active noise-cancelling headphones, the Inspiration. Inspiration headphones are perfect for the discerning road-warrior, as it combines the comfort of noise cancellation and uncompromising audio quality. It also gives the user the option to swap out headbands from muted and inconspicuous to flamboyant and eye-catching.


Among many other models, Monster launched the iSport headphones that take their already excellent in-ear design, and give it the ruggedness to withstand the most frantic sprints, intense workouts and even a full-on soak in the pool. Despite being excellent as your regular, daily earphones, Monster built them to be completely washable. The the iSport gets a little grubby from running miles or lifting tons over your workouts, just toss them in with the rest of your gym gear, and they’ll come out just fine.


Monster also offers the Diamond Tears, that make for a stunning fashion accessory, as well as a great way to listen to your tracks. They combine a rich, edgy, sparkly diamond design while injecting the smooth, sleek, flowing feel of a tear to come up with a piece of hardware that looks as much in place at a jeweler’s as the club.


Monster also released the Golden Trumpet, VEKTR, which is the result of their collaboration with Fashion brand Diesel, the NTune and Nergy on-ear and in-ear headphones and a whole slew of products that target all types of music fans, with products ranging from the cute, casual earphones, to large, uncompromising over-ears.


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