RedFox Teams Up With AMD


Redfox is primed and ready to redefine innovation, as they reiterate their collaboration with AMD, with products aimed at gamers and the power PC user.

One of the highlighted benefits was utilizing AMD Dual Graphics, which harnesses the far superior quality of DirectX11. Furthermore, you can get a significant graphics performance boost, for example, by adding an AMD Radeon HD6570 discrete GPU to an AMD A6 APU-based system, which can up performance by 144%.

We also got a peek at Redfox’s gaming room, which hosted some of their products, including Intense (pictured above). It features 3 22-inch LCD’s partnered with a desktop powered by the AMD Phenom II X61055T and an ATI Radeon HD5770.

We also saw some featured motherbaords from Gigabyte and the G.I. Sniper 2, as well as the Wizpad, which were great teasers for Redfox’s upcoming products, so stay tuned for later updates.