Bust out your killer air solos with Soundbrace



We’ve all played air guitars before. Possibly in a concert while trying to rock out to some song or in your room where nobody can see you kill those awesome solos. Pretty soon, playing the air guitar wouldn’t look as ridiculous anymore once Soundbrace become’s a real thing.

Soundbrace is a wearable device that translates your arm and finger movements to make music. It works by utilizing motion techology like Leap Motion which let’s you control computers via gestures (like Tony Stark in Iron Man), and Myo which let’s you use the electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly control digital devices.

Soundbrace is simple to use. All you have to do is wear the armband, play some air guitar, and it will automatically calibrate your air instrument according to how you play. It has a jack output, so you can plug in some headphones, and a USB port to charge and sync it on your desktop.



Soundbrace is still currently just a concept. And there’s no telling if this will become a real device. But there’s so much potential in this design and it’s exciting to see where this concept will take the world of rock n’ roll. Who knows, perhaps in a few years we’ll be raising our air guitars and rocking out to a solo using Soundbrace.

Image source: Yankodesign.com