Monika Sta. Maria shows us the makings of a real champ in the Knock-Out Issue


Everything has its own knock-out characteristic. That of Monika Sta. Maria, Century Tuna Superbod 2012, must be discipline.

It takes determination to pack a good punch. “I work out everyday,” shares Monika, speaking like a real trooper. “As a model, you have to really work out. You’re hardly allowed to gain weight. You’d lose your job.” Monika disciplined herself in a strict regimen—engaging in a daily work-out routine and carefully watching what she eats.

It was, in fact, Monika’s dedication in maintaining her active lifestyle that set her apart in the competition. Everyone admired her discipline, and she was rightfully awarded with the coveted title.

With only less than a year after her victory, Monika’s still living in the aftermath of the competition. Be that as it may, she reveals that she’s up for a new fight as she takes on an unexplored career—television. “Gagalingan ko. I’ll do my best, find the right connections, and practice. If that doesn’t work out, maybe I could try my luck modeling abroad,” she says determinedly.

But we know she need not worry. With grit like hers, there is no doubt that she’ll be able take on anything by the horns.

Read the full article and see Monika’s photos in Gadgets Magazine’s February 2013 release—the Knock-Out Issue