Techpoint Enterprise commemorates 10 years of audio-visual prowess




In the generation of technological advancement, households invest in quality entertainment systems not only for their utility but also the aesthetics. TV’s, DVD players and audio systems have become staple appliances in the average Filipino home. With this demand, a number of brands rose and some electronics manufacturers made it to the top of the market. Hopping aboard, Techpoint Enterprise launched brands NextBase and Devant to cater quality DVD players and TV to the mass.

NextBase became prominent in 2003. The brand produces portable entertainment systems that range from tablet DVD players (in-car cinema), DVD, HDMI, and Blu-ray players, to speaker systems. Devant, meanwhile, launched in 2007, producing portable players with LED monitors, speaker systems, and LCD TVs. Their latest pride is the LEDTech TV.

2013 marks the 10th year of TechPoint Enterprise, and as such, they have announced the future release of their newest product, the “Dtab” tablet. James Ng, general manager of Techpoint Enterprise said, This is a huge milestone for us as a company. Through the years, we have continually enhanced our products, resulting in a more enriched viewing experience for our consumers. As we move forward in the industry, we will dedicate all our efforts in further delivering bigger and better products.

To celebrate their 10th year of audio-visual excellence, Techpoint Enterprise will hold an event at Opus Restaurant and Lounge on June 18, 2013 for their patrons and partners.

Ms. Lara Marie Lua and Ms. Cyd Montebon of Devant
Ms. Lara Marie Lua and Ms. Cyd Montebon of Devant

In a roundtable discussion that took place on June 11, representatives from Devant expressed that they are moving forward—they will be expanding and reaching out to more Filipinos by offering them LCD TVs at an affordable price. It was also mentioned that they plan to produce HDTVs in the near future.