While you wait for the premier of True Blood Season 6 check out the True Survival Facebook game.



While you wait for True Blood Season 6 (premiering on HBO at July 6, 10pm) you can play the True Blood Facebook app, True Survivaland before you know it, it’s Saturday already.  Players with the highest score also get a chance to win exclusive True Blood merchandise.

True Survival is basically an obstacle game where you get to play as ‘Pam’ who is running away from an angry mob chasing her. Avoid obstacles like flaming tires, an angry man holding up a sign, traffic lights, and spinning chains. You also get to collect blood along the way, and some power-ups which let you run at super-vamp speeds and be invincible from hurdles.

If you’re not a fan of  games, I can guarantee you will at least be entertained with the funny quips from ‘Pam’ like “Oh good. More throats to rip out.”, and “That thing owes me a pair of shoes.”

Be sure to catch the season premiere of this sexy, scary, and wildly entertaining HBO Original series, True Blood on Saturday, July 6 at 10pm on HBO or HBO HD. Brand new episodes air weekly at the same time.