[Apple] 10 billionth app downloader wins $10,000


Apple’s App Store is about to hit 10 billion downloads worldwide. They actually put up a live counter of the iTunes downloads on their website and I’m telling you, it’s going pretty fast. One lucky soul, the 10 billionth downloader to be exact, will be going home with a $10,000 iTunes gift card, which will not only be valid for iTunes purchases but for retail items as well. Lucky for us Filipinos, the Philippines App Store is included in the list of eligible countries for the promo.

Each download is automatically counted as an entry. However, if you want to enter without downloading, you may head over to their website and fill out a form for the contest. There’s a limit of 25 entries per person per day for whichever mode of entry.

Keep downloading! The clock is ticking. How fast? By the time I finished writing this entry the counter just increased by more than 30,000.