Want to live in a real-life anime? Head over to Amazon Japan. Bring your checkbook.


Before we go any further, please, if you are a fan of large robots, please take a seat.

The Kuratas Mech Suit, which happens to be a 13-foot, rideable mech, is now up for sale on Amazon Japan. The mech, will, however, require you to be handy with a wrench, as it requires some assembly, so if you’re the kind to give up putting together anything from Ikea, you might want to call in a nine year-old to give you a hand. Additional features, such as arms, cost extra, and for now, all you really get is a core unit, but if you have an extra USD 1,000,000 lying around, it should be a whole lot of fun.

This cost doesn’t cover the cost of moving to Kyoto, fuel, or shipping to whatever overseas destination you intend to take it. We’re also not sure it is street-legal, particularly because it runs at a top speed of about 10KPH. Still, there are worse ways to blow a million bucks.


UPDATE: It’s currently listed as being out of stock. We’re not saying someone is putting together a private mecha army, but just the same, if you’re out there, we want in on that action. For everyone else, enjoy the video above.