Defy gravity with Crocs


This February, Crocs offers exciting footwear designs to bring uncompromised comfort to your feet. Providing lightest in class, Light on Your Feet is Crocs’ all-new sneaker line from the Spring / Summer ’11 collection. Featuring ultra-lightweight designs, these kicks free you from the bounds of gravity as you embrace freedom and style to achieve a hip and casual look.

These sneakers are constructed with a simple yet innovative technique, as they come in familiar designs that remove heavy components to offer you the best comfort. Powered by the Croslite footbed, which is more compact than typical running shoes, these casual sneakers offer maximized cushioning while taking up significantly less weight than traditional sneakers. Having the lasting board unloaded made them extra flexible, so you can pack and set off in ease.

Along with the hybrid construction, the shoes’ upper comes in canvas or leather with a continuous lace design, enhancing the timeless appeal of casual sneakers. The collection comes in a wide range of colorful and trendy choices for teens and kids for a ready kick.