4ThirdsImages.com – a site for the MFT fanatic


If you’re an avid micro four-thirds fan, then you might want to register at 4THIRDSIMAGES.com

Signing up is free to this online database, which caters exclusively to photos that have been shot with 4/3, Micro 4/3 or APSC cameras. What makes this site unique is the ability to search for images captured with a certain lens and those who register can also indicate this specific info when uploading their photos for sharing.

As you can see in the screenshot below, there are various search options.


Once registered, users have a number of features they can avail of at 4THIRDSIMAGES.com, such as being able to keep track of photos, searching by EXIF data, creating lists of personally owned lenses, etc. When browsing the photo database, users also have the option of changing the site’s color theme.

It’s still a relatively new site, so expect the database to be somewhat limited for now. However, as time wanes on, it will be an extremely useful site for those that  are looking to purchase a new lens and want to view sample images of MFT systems.



Source: PhotoRumors