Acer Aspire M3 ultrabook in the flesh


We’re currently at an NVIDIA conference here at Malaysia, and though there’s a lot being said here that we can’t talk about (we’re under NDA), we managed to stumble onto a gadget that we could talk about – the recently announced Acer Apire M3 ultrabook.

This 15-inch beauty is notable not only because it’s a thin and light notebook, but because it uses NVIDIA’s latest GPU offering, codenamed Kepler as the discrete graphics of choice. This particular device has the NVIDIA GeForce GT640M inside it, which the company claims gives you uncompromised gaming on the go.

CNET says that this little number can run EA’s latest multiplayer bonanza, Battlefield 3, on ultra comfortably – something that most other dedicated rigs dream to do. It’s also one of the few ultrabooks out there that has a built-in internal ODD. All of this is stuffed in a absolutely thin 20mm chassis.

No word on pricing, though a rep said that the product should be shipping out to selected markets soon.