Acer becomes touchy-feely with the ICONIA-484G64ns and


We’ve managed to handle and play around with Acer’s dual-screen offering the ICONIA-484G64ns unofficially through other media friends, but yesterday’s launch at the New World Hotel in Makati was the first time we’ve really been able to sit down for some quality time with this dual screened wonder. Sporting two 14-inch multi-touch screen, the ICONIA-484G64ns does away with the traditional keyboard and instead uses a virtual keyboard for typing. The availability of two screens opens up a whole slew of opportunities, like watching a movie on the bottom screen while checking your friends’ status on Facebook on the top one.

The device is powered by a Intel Core i5-480M (3MB L3 cache, 2.66GHz) processor that’s capable of handling almost any task you ask of it. Unfortunately, the ICONIA-484G64ns’ dual screens use up a lot of power, and we’ve heard that it’s only able to run for 2 to 3 hours when away from a power socket.

If you’re not a fan of the the gargantuan ICONIA-484G64ns, then you might like the ICONIA Tab W500. The ICONIA Tab W500 is a tablet PC, and is the first for Acer. It’s built with mobility in mind, so the overall size and weight has been trimmed down when compared to the ICONIA-484G64ns. It uses a 10.1-inch multitouch display and while Acer execs claim it’s a capacitive screen, we’re a bit skeptical – especially since it didn’t pass the pen pressure test (a pen is pressed down on the display, if the screen registers the input, it’s most likely a resistive screen. A capacitive screen can only be used with your finger, or with special pens and gloves built with capacitive ends).

If you fancy working with a keyboard, the ICONIA Tab W500 can dock with a keyboard so you can use it like a traditional notebook. The ICONIA Tab W500 is powered by an AMD C-Series C-50 (1MB L2 cache, 1 GHz, DDR3 1066MHz, 9W) processor, AMD A50M Fusion Controller Hub chipset and has up to 2GB DDR3 memory chip with a 32GB SDD capacity.

Both the ICONIA-484G64ns and the ICONIA Tab W500 will use Windows 7 as their main OS. The ICONIA-484G64ns will retail for Php 70,900. Unfortunately there’s currently no SRP of the ICONIA Tab W500 yet, although the Acer execs estimate the price range will be around Php 30,000.

Check out more pics of both products on the gallery below.

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