Adobe launches SEA online store


If you’ve ever wanted to buy Photoshop, Acrobat Pro or any other of Adobe’s product offerings but are just unable to get your behind to a store that sells them, you’ll be happy to know that Adobe has launched their SEA online store. The store will sell Adobe software via electronic download in a simple, online transactional sale using local currency. Vicky Skipp, Regional Director in Adobe Systems for Southeast Asia, said the launch brought significant benefits to customers in the region. “This is a convenient and fast way to access the latest Adobe software range, including our flagship solution Adobe Creative Suite 5.5. Immediate electronic download to your device saves the cost and delay of waiting for your software to arrive through traditional shipping methods. Buying through Southeast Asia store also ensures customers are guaranteed ease of mind that they are purchasing genuine Adobe software.  We offer a wide choice of secure payment methods, including credit card payments.” You can visit the online store here.