Akai EIE Pro USB audio interface


Akai Professional, whose credibility comes from its legendary MPC and wealth of top-quality music production gear used on most successful records in the past couple of decades, has released an affordable audio interface for portable recording.

Introducing the Akai EIE Pro, a desktop space-friendly USB audio interface that comes with four 48v phantom power inputs, 4 outputs, a 3-port USB hub, Midi I/O, and a headphone out. Offering 48kHz recording at 16-bit resolution, each input includes an Akai preamplifier to get your signal to the right level during recording, and if its sound shares anything in common with the renowned analog warmth and texture delivered by Akai’s top-end gear, then you can be rest-assured that your audio recordings will have that coloration you’re looking for.

The box’s front panel comes with 2 classy-looking VU meters in addition to the necessary volume and gain knobs. This interface was really built for the road as seen with its ultra-durable cast-aluminum chassis. Whether for travel or as the main audio interface in your home or project studio, this unit is certain to give you great audio recordings at an affordable price of $249 (approximately Php 10,500).