Alcatel releases Blaze Glory 918N, dual-sim Android 2.3 smartphone for only Php 5,999


Android devices are just getting cheaper and cheaper, as Alcatel has just launched their Blaze Glory 918N Android 2.3 device at an event earlier today. Alcatel is positioning the Blaze Glory 918N as an entry level smartphone which is apparent from its affordable Php 5,999 price tag. For that money you get a 615MHz processor, a 3.2-inch screen, dual-sim capability and Android 2.3 on-board.

It’s obvious from the pricing of the device that it’s aimed to go after the same market that Samsung’s Galaxy Y swims in, though there isn’t a clear winner between the two specs-wise – the Blaze Glory 918N has a better looking screen and has dual-sim capabilities, but only has a clockspeed of 615MHz, while the Galaxy Y has a faster processor 830 MHz ARMv6 at the cost of a smaller screen (3-inches, 240 x 320 pixels).