AMD outs newest Fusion APUs via the Acer Aspire One 522 and eMachine eMD644

We’ve heard about AMD’s Fusion technology when the company unveiled the tech at last year’s CES, but it’s only now that we’re seeing full fledged, live units trickling into stores. During an event held at today at Contis in Makati, AMD, together with Acer has unveiled the newest Fusion APUs via the  Acer Aspire One 522 and eMachine eMD644.
So what makes the Fusion APU special? Well, basically what AMD has done is eliminate the bottleneck between the processor and the videocard by placing both the CPU (processor) and the GPU (videocard) into a single die. This theoretically speeds up the response time of the whole kit and kaboodle, resulting in better performance and longer battery life.
This was pretty evident in the Acer Aspire One 522, as it was obvious from the demo that it’s not your typical netbook. Armed with the AMD C-series processor (1GHz, 1MB, L2 Cache, DDR3 106MHz with AMD Radeon HD 6250 graphics), it was able to handle full HD video content that was provided without any issues. Other notable features include a 250 HDD,10.1-inch HD panel, Wireless N capability and 5 hour endurance. The Aspire One 552 will retail for Php 17,900.
The eMachines eMD644 provides the full size experience, packing a 14.1-inch high res screen, HDMI port, Wireless connectivity and an AMD Dual-Core E-350 (1.60GHz, 1MB, L2 Cache, DDR3 1066MHz). The eMD644 ships with a Linux OS, though it probably won’t be an issue to just fit your favorite flavor of Windows 7 once you get it in your hands. Sadly, the eMD644 wasn’t present during the proceedings nor could we get a solid SRP from Acer, but we did get plenty of nice pics of the Aspire One 522.
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