Apple iSync: Going green into the future


With all the buzz Apple’s been making what with the release of the iPad 2, what better way to titillate your senses even further than by giving you yet another Apple creation you can perhaps one day add to your growing Apple family of gadgets. Introducing the Apple iSync, a concept car from designer Nathan Williams who has successfully integrated Mother Nature with probably the most famous fruit in the tech world.

This three-wheeled electric pod car is designed to sync up with (yes, you guessed it) all Apple gadgets. As the name implies, you can be sure that aside from driving, you can also check messages, play music, receive updates, connect, share, and do whatever it is your Apple artillery can do individually… but all together now.

Maybe once all the hype of the iPad 2 dies down, Microsoft might want to give this cool ride some attention. I mean, you can’t get any more “mobile” than with a car, right?

Source: Ecofriend