Asus EA-N66 ups your router’s range in style


While wireless routers are a great addition to any home, there will be instances where even the magic of WiFi will be unable to penetrate the remote corners of your swanky home. Asus has the perfect solution for that particular first-world problem via the EA-N66, a stylish, dual-band wireless-N900 gigabit Ethernet adapter. It works in a variety of modes, acting as a wireless access point, repeater and as an Ethernet adapter. This dual-band Ethernet adapter uses two bands that helps you get the most out of your wireless network – a normal 2.4GHz band for normal applications, and a faster, more powerful 5GHz band for more data intensive applications, like HD streaming and video. The user-friendly interface helps you setup the EA-N66 without having to dig deep into the manual, which makes setup easy for the normal Joe. The EA-N66 retails for Php 5,990.