Asus Eee Pad MeMo 171 hands-on


While being interviewed by GMA 7 for Pop Talk, I happened to notice that Asus Technical PR Specialist Eason de Guzman was playing with their newly announced Eee Pad MeMo 171. Naturally I pried off it his hands and started playing with it. The 7-inch tablet feels good in the hands, though the inclusion of the stylus dock on the bottom enlarged the unit a bit. Like we mentioned earlier, the MeMo 171 sports a 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor, in stark contrast to the Tegra 3 processor that’s being shoehorned into their other tablets. The MeMo 171 is also 3G enabled, and has a companion device called the MeMic, which acts as a remote of sorts (among other things). No price yet unfortunately, but we estimate this to fall into the 26-27k range. The Memo 171 sports Honeycomb right now, though there may be a chance that it ships with ICS when it becomes available. More detailed hands-on to come soon.