Asus outs new videocard and media players during tech seminar, makes us wish we were millionaires

If there’s one thing we hate about Asus, its the fact that they keep making awesome gadgets at a prodigious pace. The Taiwanese computer giant invited members of the media and selected Xtreme Power club members to the EDSA Shangri-la for a tech briefing of sorts. The briefing, conducted by Ellis Chua, Technical Marketing Specialist for Asus Philippines, gave further insight to the exclusive technologies that go into their boards, as well as unveil their newest videocard, the EAH6850 and their digital media player, the O!Play HD2.
Asus has long been the top choice for computer enthusiasts for the innovative technologies that are present in their motherboards, and the current crop of products is no exception. Technologies like the Dual Intelligent processor that gives faster PC performance and energy savings up to 80% make Asus boards highly sought after by the enthusiast crowd.

Also unveiled during the seminar was the EAH6850, the newest videocard from AMD. Like their motherboards, the newest card from Asus includes performance boosting features for overclockers like the Voltage Tweak technology that makes it the best choice for discerning gamers.

Finally, the Asus O!Play HD 2 promises to deliver to the big screen regardless of the file format, as it supports a wide array of files including high definition MKV. It’s also the world’s first media device with USB 3.0 support, so it’s able to transfer gigantic files faster than a USB 2.0.