Asus Taichi first impressions [VIDEO]


After the official unveil of the Taichi last Monday, we finally had an opportunity to get a look at the device ourselves up close and personal-like. The Asus Taichi is certainly one of the most unique products that we’ve ever had the chance of laying our eyes-on, and to some extent it’s both a strength and a weakness, we guess. Unfortunately, Asus reps wouldn’t allow us to get our grubby mitts on the thing, but he did go through a short demo of the notebook’s abilities. It seems that the device has different display modes for the HD IPS dual-screens aside from the obvious notebook to tablet transition. The user can display a slide show, presentation or possibly a movie on the outer touchscreen, and there are indications that the two screens may be able to work independently of each other. The overall size and heft of the device is pretty manageable, and if it wasn’t for the touchscreen on the other side of the matte display, we could have mistaken the thing for an Asus Zenbook.

Right now there’s no solid release date for the Taichi, but we’re sure we’re going to hear more details about it once Microsoft decides to release Windows 8 in the next few months. Until then, you can enjoy the video presentation of the Asus Taichi that we’ve embedded below.