Asus unveils 3 new Intel Series 7 motherboards – Maximus V GENE, SABERTOOTH Z77, and the P8Z77-V


Intel’s next generation of silicone isn’t here yet, but that’s not stopping their hardware partners from unveiling the products that will house it – Asus has recently unveiled three new motherboards aimed at the Intel 7 Series line of processors – the Maximus V Gene, Sabertooth Z77 and the P8Z77-V. All three boards are packed to the brim with Asus features and technologies, which include their pioneering Dual Intelligent Processors 3 with SMART DIGI+ Power Control, a customizable fan control called Fan Xpert 2 and built-in WiFi through Asus Wi-Fi GO! The micro ATX Maximus V Gene is aimed at rig builders who are looking for maximum customizability and performance that can fit in a small package, while the Sabertooth Z77 is the company’s ruggedized motherboard offering, covered in their proprietary thermal armor. The P8Z77-V meanwhile, is the company’s mid-end offering, and packs plenty of features in a price that most of us can afford.

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