Atari gives Android and iOS a massive dose of nostalgia via their Greatest Hits app


There was a point in time where video games where simple, addictive and more importantly, fun. None of that killstreak or headshot nonsense, either – it was just you and a fistload of change against a metric crapload of meteors, and that FUK guy that keeps getting the hi-score. Well, you can now relive that simpler time in gaming by downloading Atari’s Greatest Hits, a collection of 100 classic Atari games now playable on your iOS or Android device. Android folks can score all 100 games for $9.99, or if you’re more interested in playing just a few gems from this collection, you can opt to pay $0.99 bucks a piece. iOS users can hit up this link while Android folks can go here to get their retro gaming on.