Awesome, nearly unbreakable lenses and frames coming to an optical shop near you


Alright so we usually feature gadgets of the electronic ilk here at Gadgets, but we just had to post this. We were recently invited to a seminar and mini trade show by the Alliance Optics Group Philippines, and aside from the usual things you’d see in an Optics seminar, we got to handle glasses made of Trivex, a lens material that’s dramatically stronger and clearer than standard plastic and polycarbonate material.

It’s also ANSI Z87.1 rated, so if any ¼ steel pellets are shot in your face at a velocity of 150 feet per second, you’ll be sure that Trivex made lenses will stop em.

All kidding aside though, the Trivex made samples during the event were pretty darn tough, and no amount of twisting, stomping and general hulkishness was able to even put a dent in them.

We were also able to talk with Jose Ricardo Casas from Ottica Corporation and got to see the newest models of their Fury glasses. One of the most striking feature of one of their models was the flexible frame, and like the Trivex made glasses, no amount of twisting was able to make a dent in it.

What’s nice about Fury glasses is the fact that the designers take modern design cues, quality materials and feedback from customers to create their products so potential users will be able to enjoy quality eyewear with great value.

The Fury Revenant that was demoed also comes with four pairs of interchangeable lenses, so you have the option of mixing and matching the lenses any way you see fit.