Bionic glasses makes poor eyesight awesome


It’s a fact of life – some people have perfect 20/20 vision even if they work in front of a PC all day, and some people’s eyes just plain suck. Unfortunately, there are some whose eyesight has degenerated so bad that even the thickest of glasses can’t help them. As usual, science is coming to the rescue by way of bionic glasses that combine several technologies from different fields to help people who have just a small area of vision left, have cloudy or blurry vision, or can’t process detailed images. Dr Stephen Hicks of the Department of Clinical Neurology at Oxford University says that “We want to be able to enhance vision in those who’ve lost it or who have little left or almost none. The types of poor vision we are talking about are where you might be able to see your own hand moving in front of you, but you can’t define the fingers.” The glasses have video cameras embedded in the frame, while a see-through lens that projects a display of tiny lights to the wearer give extra information about the places surrounding him/her. Stephen believes these hi-tech glasses can be realised for similar costs as smartphones – around £500.