Carrier launches smart aircons, gets the lifestyle treatment


You normally wouldn’t associate airconditioners with high tech gadgets, but that’s exactly what Carrier’s new designer series of airconditioners are. These new aircons have a lot of power saving features that’s designed to conform to the local market’s needs.

The majority of the power saving features center around the energy management. Users now have the option of setting a run time budget – of say, 120 hours per month – in which the aircon automatically shuts off and notifies you when that budget is exhausted.

It’s also able to turn itself off and turn on an electric fan once the room reaches the desired temperature. Another nice feature is the cycle timer that turns the aircon on and off at 30 minute intervals for a maximum of 24 hours. Finally, users are also able to program the aircon to turn off or on at preset time period, saving you more power. Additionally, the new aircon provides users with an 8-in-1 filter system that ensures healthier air for your loved ones.

The new aircon is available in .75, 1, 1.25 and 1.5 HP capacities, and retails for Php 18,700, Php 21,900, Php 22,200 and Php 25,500 respectively.