Cherry Mobile Magnum 2X launched, dual core at a rock bottom price


It didn’t take long for Cherry Mobile, a manufacturer long known for bringing affordable phones and tablets to the masses would get into the dual-core smartphone action. The company has unveiled their take on the dual-core smartphone via the Magnum 2X. While tha Magnum 2X doesn’t bring anything new to the table specs-wise (NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, 3.9-inch screen, runs Android Froyo) it’s priced at an affordable Php 15,899, which makes it an extremely affordable smartphone for people who want a dual-core device but are unwilling to shell out major dough. If you’re the sort that’s a bit hesitant to buy from the brand because of the negative feedback from its critics, you’d be happy to know that Cherry’s devices come with a 1 year warranty, 15 day return policy and in the event that your device does break, there’s 8 service centers scattered around the metro to take care of your needs.

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