Cooler Master’s new Cosmos II tower makes your rig look like a pro


New Year, new rig. At least, that would be the ideal set-up of course. And with AMD’s release of the absolutely monstrous Radeon 7970 graphics card and the impending release of Intel’s newest Ivy Bridge processors, a new PC rig might just be in the cards for some. If you’re one of the privelaged few that loves building beastly rig at the start of the year, you might want to throw all those expensive parts into Cooler Master’s latest offering, the Cosmos II.

Packed with enough features that’ll satisfy even the most diehard PC builder, the Cosmos II is THE tower to own if you want the very best. Features include support for up to 10 fans and 13(!) HDDs, 4 way SLI, XL-ATX / SSI CEB / SSI EEB board support and has all the necessary holes and brackets for watercooling.