Curious about the TCM .22 by Armscor? Here’s something you might want to see.



We got another chance to fire the amazing TCM .22 by Armscor, and this time, we managed to get some sweet, sweet slow motion video to boot. Hit play and get a look at how it fires, as well as a short description on how it feels and fires. we guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

A quick disclaimer, though, we’re trying to add more videos than before, so we’re still figuring some things out. This isn’t bad, but do bear with us as we get better at it. -Ren



For those who are interested, all of the footage was shot with the Samsung Galaxy S4. There was no manipulation done to any of the footage, apart from the cutting and splicing of the footage, so everything you see is exactly as it was shot. We hope you enjoy! Let us know what else you want to see, and we’ll try and make it happen for you, if it is within out power!