Duke Nukem Forever finally being released next month, reports of hell freezing over unconfirmed


Duke Nukem Forever (and by extension, its developer 3D Realms) has been synonymous with vaporware because of its long development schedule. The game was announced in 1997 and has been in development for fourteen years. The atom bomb took faster to make (yes, that is a fact). But, after 14, long years, we’re finally going to be seeing the Duke kick alien ass. Gearbox and 2K Games has rescued the fallen warrior and has slated to release the game next month (June 10), and we’re all eagerly anticipating its release. The game will be available on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and will still have the same testosterone fueled gameplay, slight nudity and witty one liners that only the original FPS king can deliver. The game will also have a multiplayer option, so you can frag your friends while doing your worst Duke impersonation.

Source: Duke Nukem Forever