Emerson Network Power outs Liebert GXT3 On-Line UPS


Alright, so UPS devices aren’t the most glamorous gadgets in the world. Truth is, they’re not very interesting. That ambivalence towards these products lasts until the power cuts out and you’re left with nothing but a candle in your hands. Emerson’s newest UPS, the Liebert GXT3 gives IT managers the option of packing higher power capacities into smaller spaces. The new UPS comes in 5 to 10kVA models. The Liebert GXT3 can be installed in a rack or tower configuration, with a rotating LED display panel that adjusts accordingly. The Liebert UPS features replaceable, hot-swappable internal batteries that provide four or more minutes of runtime at full load, with higher backup time available at typical loading conditions. The 5kVA and 6kVA models require only 5U of space, while the 10kVA models require only 6U of space. Optional battery cabinets, adding just 3U to 4U of rack space, provide additional runtime via the plug-and-play connections on the rear panel of the UPS.