Eton Soulra: solar powered portable sound system


Ever wanted to bring a portable sound system outdoors without worrying about damage or running out battery?

Meet the Eton Soulra, a solar-powered iPhone/iPod system that charges itself and your Apple device at the same time.  Protected by a rugged body, it is IPX-4 Splash Proof  from all angles as well, meaning that it can be safely placed near a swimming pool or the beach.

For non-Apple users, don’t worry, the Soulra is not just for the iPhone/iPod – it features an audio line input so that you can virtually plug in any portable music device.

To charge the Soulra, you simply have to flip open its solar panel and leave out in the sun, although it comes with its own power adapter as well.

For more info, visit the Eton Soulra website.


Source: Gizmodo