Eyes-on Sony’s first 4K TV in the Philippines, the KD-84X9000


Further establishing that 4K is the new HD, Sony Philippines have announced their first ever 4K TV in the Philippines, the Bravia KD-84X9000. At around 84-inches, this is one of their biggest HD TVs yet. Like it says in the tin, the KD-84X9000 is capable of resolutions up to 3840×2160 pixels, which puts it in direct competition with Toshiba’s RZ-1. As is the custom with top-tier HD TVs, the KD-84X9000 is a 3D capable device, and uses 3D glasses, unlike the glasses-less RZ-1. One thing that we did notice with the KD-84X9000 is that it uses passive 3D technology, which is a departure from Sony’s bulky active shutter glasses. Personally, we like the new technology because it allows users to wear light, stylish 3D glasses – a start departure from the bulky, unsightly designs that active shutter based glasses required.

So, the big question is: how much? Well, the KD-84X9000 will retail for a cool Php 1.2 million. Yes, that’s million, with an M – which puts it firmly out of the reach of normal, working Joes like you and I.