Finally, a dog to “fetch your keys”


I may have grown up with many dogs (no pun intended) but for all of their affection and loyalty, none of them have ever been able to fetch anything I actually needed, save for my chewed-up slippers. Now has come up with a dog-shaped key-ring that will, as you can already deduce, help you find your keys. Fetch My Keys is not just a stylish key-ring especially for dog-lovers, it’s also a key-finder. For those annoying instances where you can’t seem to remember where you left your keys, just let out a whistle as you would do calling a dog and it will set off a beeping sound and cause the dog’s nose to flash so you can hear and see where your keys have magically run off to.

This is also probably something I’d need to attach to my wallet, phone (when it’s on silent), or even my daughter. But that’s just me.