Firmware upgrade makes Canon EOS 7D even more powerful


Those who own a Canon EOS 7D are going to love this news—their camera’s about to get a major upgrade once Canon releases firmware v2 for it this coming August. Far from just a mere update to the software, the new version will actually make many highly-anticipated features available on Canon’s flagship APS-C SLR.

Firstly, the RAW file buffer when shooting in burst mode will be increased from 15 to 25 (or 130 for JPEG) and users can now process RAW images directly in the camera. This means they can adjust white balance, noise reduction, exposure, and more before transferring the files onto a computer. Users can now also set a maximum ISO limit, from 100 to 6400, in order to prevent the camera from creating unusable images when it goes too far with the ISO.

The firmware v2 will also bring a video feature to the 7D that allows users to manually adjust up to 64 audio levels on the camera, which is really handy for videographers. Then there’s the digital wind-cut filter that eliminates peripheral noise during video capture. Lastly, the 7D is now fully compatible with Canon’s GP-E2 GPS receiver that records all shooting locations with complete latitude, longitude, and altitude area.