First Impressions: Fanny Wang 3001



One of the high-end headphone models from a company called Fanny Wang came into our office just recently—the 3001 Over Ear Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling. We don’t have its exact SRP in the Philippines yet, but according to internet sources it belongs somewhere in the somewhat pricey US $400 range (about Php 16,800).

First and foremost, the headphones’ build and construction is very high-quality—everything from ear cushions to ear cups to headband to overall design. The 3001 is slightly bulky and a little on the heavy side with circular ear cups (as opposed to oblong-shaped ones) that make the headphones even larger. The headband is wide and sturdy as well as collapsible and adjustable. What really struck me upon first inspection, however, is its unique rubber matte exterior with a texture design that is supposedly unique to Fanny Wang. The headphones were incredibly comfortable to wear and probably the most comfortable ones I’ve ever tried.

The package came with a detachable cord that featured a microphone, a remote control panel, and a Duo Jack to allow another person to plug in their headphones and listen to the same music. It also came with two AAA batteries that needed to be loaded into the right ear cup in order to power the active noise cancelling and the bass boost. Other accessories included were a hard foam carry case and some audio adaptors.

That’s all we’re going to leave you with for now. If you want to know what we thought of its sound quality and its active noise cancelling and bass boost features, you’ll have to catch our upcoming review in the July 2012 issue.