Formula 1 cars will run on electricity – in the pit lane at least


If there’s one thing you don’t associate with Formula One, it’s the sound of silence. The roar of massive engines is pretty much one of the main attractions of the sport, and if the FIA, the sport’s ruling body gets its way, there’s going to be a whole lot of silence, in the pit lane at least. The FIA is planning to introduce hybrid systems in F1 cars once 2013 rolls around, that will give the cars the ability to cruise in and out of the pit lane using electric power. F1 cars already use a hybrid system of sorts in the form of KERS (kinetic energy recovery systems), which gives drivers a boost of 80 HP over a period of 6.67 seconds per lap that helps drivers to overtake opponents. Of course, there’s a lot of opposition against the move and the planned shift to a smaller, 1.6 liter four cylinder hybrid engine rather than the traditional 2.4 litre naturally aspirated V8 one that’s used today. Williams chairman Adam Parr is pushing hard for the change, saying that “Formula One is ultimately defined by its technology and Formula One’s constant reinvention of itself, whether it’s on the chassis side or the engine side, is fundamental to the nature of the sport.” He adds that “there are people who fiercely opposed KERS who are now big supporters of it, including Ferrari. The world is changing, we have to change.”

Source: Reuters