From hearing aids to “walking” aids


There are many physical liberties one gives up as they age; one in particular is the simple joy of walking to and from anywhere. Now unless you’re one of those super health-conscious buffs who drink nothing but wheatgrass, high-calcium milk, and do yoga every day, you probably may have trouble getting around on foot and by yourself. Since majority of the population is your average cheeseburger-eating, soda-drinking couch potato, it’s important to have something that will assist you on your way as you age.

With the brand promise “shaping tomorrow with you,” Fujitsu held the FUJITSU Design Award 2011: A LIFE with Future Computing, the full-scale international design competition, open to designers around the world, aimed at the development of PC-related designs bringing innovation to people’s daily lives.

The grand prize winner was designed by Lithuanian designer Egle Ugintaite. The Aid is a cane that provides mobile navigation and health management services so that users who have difficulty travelling can remain active and mobile. It monitors the users’ pulse, blood pressure and body temperature which is displayed on the LCD screen. The cane also comes with a built-in navigator along with directions to a location of their choice which you can hear through headphones.

Source: Springwise