G-Form Extreme Sleeve for laptops


G-Form demonstrated their new Extreme Sleeve for laptops by throwing it from a 20 foot high balcony with a MacBook inside of it.  Miraculously the laptop was retrieved without a single hint of damage. See the video here.

How does it work?  These sleeves are made of PORON XRD, a lightweight and lithe substance that has the amazing ability to absorb 90 percent of the energy generated from impact.

G-Form, a company known primarily for manufacturing skateboarding knee pads, has gained internet notoriety for their extreme demonstrations of their products.  In fact, they tested their Extreme Sleeve for the iPad by throwing it off an airplane that was 500 feet high in the air.


The Extreme Sleeve for laptops is available for pre-ordering at G-Form’s website.


Source: Engadget