Google introduces Chrombox, the first Chrome OS desktop


Introducing the Chromebox—Google and Samsung’s new desktop computer based on Google’s cloud-based operating system called Chrome OS that provides only access to the web and nothing else. It features the same cloud-centric focus as last year’s Chromebooks except in a compact desktop configuration where you’ll need to connect your own mouse, keyboard, monitor, and such. You can also attach external HDDs via USB for additional storage.

Compared to the original Chromebooks, the Chromebox has better performance featuring an Intel Celeron 1.9 Ghz processor, 4 GB f RAM, a 16 GB Solid State Drive (SSD), 6 USB ports, Bluetooth, an on-board mono speaker, Wi-Fi, 1 DVI port, and 2 display ports that can handle two high-resolution monitors at once. It might not be much, but keep in mind that Chrome OS is a light-weight operating system and most of the work and storage is carried out in the cloud.

The device measuring only 19 x 19 x 3.3 cm and weighing 1.2 kg is available for US $329 (about Php 13,800). Google and Samsung also introduced a more powerful Series 5 550 Chromebook that costs US $449 for the Wi-Fi model and US $ 549 for the 3G-enabled model.