Google+ invites being auctioned off eBay, +1?


If you haven’t heard, Google has just launched (or relaunched, depending on how you look at it) their newest attempt at cornering social networking. Called Google+, the new service is currently on limited trial right now, meaning you can’t sign up if you wanted to – someone has to send a + invite to you before you can join. The demand for invites is so high right now that people looking to make a quick buck have taken to eBay and are now auctioning off invites with prices anywhere from $3 to $100. This is a far cry from Google’s previous foray into social networking via their disastrous Google Buzz initiative, which if you remember made anyone with a Google account a member. Google’s taken a completely opposite approach to Google+ and it seems to be working – Google+ is the hottest nightclub in town, and the line to get in is pretty damn long. We’ve gotten our own invite and we’ll be writing our own impressions in a few day’s time.

Source: eBay