Grab your copy of the July issue of GADGETS MAGAZINE!


Quick, head to the stands! Our July issue is finally out, and this month we’re taking on the latest gadgets, apps and websites that can take you on a musical adventure. Be sure to make way for the tech parade, as we’ve got a jam-packed line-up of nifty devices, including some that can boost your listening experience. Of course, since it’s our Music Issue, leading the pack in the GadgetsLab is the Fanny Wang 3001, which might be a good pick if you’re on the hunt for a nice pair of headphones, so you’d better grab a copy to find out.  Also, get to know the tools you can use to produce original music and distribute them online in our monthly music section and our cover story (Yes, we’re talking to you, aspiring indie artists). Gracing our cover this month is Korean pop sensation Jay Park and actress Grace Zamora, who both share their take on music and tech in our exclusive interview.

Well, what are you still doing in front of the screen? Grab your copy of the July issue now!