Hands on: HTC Sensation XE


The HTC Sensation XE is set to officially launch this Friday, but we were fortunate enough to be able to get a sample unit today. The Sensation XE is eerily similar to the original Sensation on the outside, and aside from the red accents to the device plus the obvious Beats branding on the back, you’d think that this was a standard Sensation with a very clever skinning job. But while the XE looks similar to the original Sensation on the outside, that’s where the similarities end.

For starters, the XE has a faster processor that’s a spec bump above the original’s 1.2 GHz dual-core deal. The device also has a better battery which should theoretically last you longer 1730 mAh as opposed to the 1520 mAh found on the original Sensation. HTC’s Sense overlay, that fantastic piece of UI that turns the ho-hum stock Android experience into something fun returns, and is now in version 3.0.

Another important difference is the inclusion of Beats audio in the overall experience, both in the supplied headphones and the software running on the XE. We weren’t able to do any kind of thorough tests as of yet (as the unit quite literally just arrived in the office) but we can tell you right off the bat that the music is clearer, louder and better than we’ve experienced before.

That’s it so far for the Sensation XE. We’ll be at the official launch of the device on Friday so make sure to check back then to get the official word on pricing and availability for this bad boy, and we’ll have the complete review for the Sensation XE by next week.

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