Intel hybrid ultrabook eyes-on


We just wrapped up today’s Ivy Bridge launch, and one of things that Intel brought along with them was an experimental, hybrid ultrabook.

Now, this particular device isn’t built by any manufacturer – it’s apparently a prototype device put together by Intel (or one of their OEMs) to showcase what ultrabooks are capable of in the months and years ahead.

The device has hinge that allows the screen to rotate and transform from ultrabook to tablet. From what we can tell, the device has a 13.3-inch screen, and quickly transforms from notebook to tablet in seconds.

As far as specs are concerned, we can only speculate what’s in it – the only thing that we are sure of is that it’s running Intel’s Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor. The Intel exec that brought it to the Philippines was tight lipped about the other things inside it, but we might guess some sort of SSD deal going on along with at least 4GB of DDR3 memory. We probably won’t see this device for sale anytime soon, but it’s a snapshot of where future ultrabook designs are going.