Intel Launches the 4th Gen Core Processor and gives high framerates to all!



Intel has finally launched its 4th Generation Core processor (originally known to the public as Haswell) to the public. The new family of processors bring amazing power savings, as well as high-powered integrated graphics that allow users to run graphics-intensive processes such as games, without the need to drop in a discrete graphics card. This is the first ever processor purpose-built for Intel’s Ultrabook category, the new processor combines the mobility of a tablet with the sheer computing power of a desktop PC, all with a power draw that is as low as six watts. This change ushers in an age of thinner, lighter, cooler devices that negate the need for noisy, rumbly, power-consuming cooling fans.

“4th Gen Intel Core processors offer the most significant gain in battery life enabling ever achieved by Intel, up to double the graphics and significant CPU performance improvements that are delivering exciting new consumer experiences,” said Kirk Skaugen, Intel senior vice president and PC Client Group general Manager. “Today’s announcement accelerates a new category of 2-in-1 computing devices, delivering the best of a notebook and a tablet in amazing new form factors,” he added. The new architecture also allows or greater security, as well as extra conveniences such as social media and other internet-connected updates during sleep.

The new family of Intel processors makes this the best time for consumers to refresh old tablets or PCs with devices running the new 4th Generation Processors. This reflects the changes consumers look for, as the lines between PC tablet and phone continue to blur. This also represents the most scalable architecture in Intel history. From 6 to 95 watts, this new architecture can deliver.

These devices bring the highest performance currently available in mainstream computing, plus powerful graphics support, right on-board. Users can experience their daily computing at twice the speed, systems wake eight times faster, and HD video can be edited and shared twenty times faster. The highly integrated System on Chip delivers even more stunning visuals in devices that can be made thinner and lighter than ever before, allowing you to b mobile and get solid performance at the same time, for longer. These processors allow for wake times that are at par with current generation tablets that have speed, but not the same power as full PCs. It changes the computing landscape and making everything portable, with no compromise on poerformance.

At the launch, the processor was demonstrated to handle 3d gestures, nearly instant face recognition to skip manually entering passwords and the impressive Iris and Iris Pro graphics on the processor. Graphics on the example game, Skyrim as just as smooth on the SoC Iris as on a device with a separate, power-hungry video card.

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